Natural Slate - 500 million years in the making

Natural slate has been used for centuries to provide a weather proof covering to buildings. Although the slating principle has not changed much there have been many changes in Specifications and Standards.

Most of the materials we supply have met the British Board Of Agre’ment Certificate and the fixings methods we use comply with current British Standards, aswell as traditional methods & local working practices. Another important point to consider is to be sure the manufacturers guidelines are followed. As we are approved by many of the manufacturers we use, we can obtain full guarantees and warranties.


Red Roof Slate Roof Flat Roof


Currently we have a good range of slate we can offer from various parts of the world, including Spanish, Welsh, Brazilian and locally, West Moreland Green, Scotia or Burlington. In Spain for instance there are many different quarries with some slate being considerably better than others. As experienced slaters we are well positioned to give a reliable view on the quality of slates we supply. Some of the Slate quarries we use are: Spanish Forcada, Benuza, Forna, Campo being around 7 – 9mm thick grade one which is suitable for the Scottish market. Welsh Penrhyn, Ffestiniog, Dinorwic. English Burlington (locally known as Lankies), and West Moreland Green. Brazilian comes in a natural green colour and has been specified on occasions to replace Burlington or West Moreland Green for cost reasons.


Flat Roofs:

Flat roofing is a type of roof that has a reputation for average longevity and poor weatherproofing. We tend to disagree with this, on the basis that if the proper materials are used and laid correctly these coverings can last up to 40 years. Full manufacturers guarantees are available.


Materials for Sale:

Phone 01387 251770 or email for pricing. If a photograph can be emailed of a particular product match we can probably source your requirements.

Breather Felt Cromar
A1 Felt Type 1 F (Protect) 
16 x 10 Spanish 
16 x 8 Spanish
16 x 10 Brazilian 
16 x 8 Brazilian
16 x 10 s/h Welsh
16 x 8 s/h Welsh
Simulated Sandstone Ridge
Simulated Sandstone Skew
Roof Tiles
Ridge ½ round 
Capped Angle Ridge 
Nails per kilo 
2mm Torch on
4mm Torch on

Green Mineral
Cast Gutter
Cast Down pipe
Cast Outlets
Sandstone ridge
Sandstone Skew
9mm Ply
18mm Ply
Job Lots available
Scaffold Hire
19 x 38mm counter batton
25 x 50mm tile batton
Chimney Pots



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