Buying or selling a property:

We offer home buyer advice on condition and life expectancy of roof coverings. Providing costs of any associated repairs or maintenance. In addition we offer sellers advice on preparing roof covers to a saleable condition.



Estimates and fixed price quotations are provided in writing after our estimator/surveyors have visited site and viewed the property, included in costs given are all plant equipment, tools, scaffold, material and labour costs unless stated otherwise. Also included are all insurance, health and safety requirements and site supervision costs.


New/ traditional/existing:

Due to the nature of the work we carry out we encounter numerous types of contracts ranging from fairly primitive roof types to some requiring new modern techniques and standards. Some of the oldest type of roof types we remove still have wooden pegs securing the slates, long before nails were used. Mostly this type would have hung over timber batons fixed to old style Purlin roofs, with no under-felt covering applied. Progressing from this a sarking type board would be fitted with horsehair felt then slates applied. Things have changed now to a more modern breathable membrane felt covering laid onto treated sarking boards. However we tend to find an old type roof seems to provide good air circulation and solid timbers, with any missing slates or other defects causing problems.

Typically nowadays condensation is a major issue to deal with. There are many reports of different systems and membranes available to try and eradicate this problem. Our experienced team can advise as to the best system. Many new regulations and standards are being presented and we take on board there practical sense along with traditional methods and local experience gathered. We believe this is a sensible approach.


Fixing Roof Church Steeple Crane


Scaffold Hire

If you have a project that requires scaffolding contact us today. All our staff are trained in systems scaffold work.


VeluxVelux Windows

Velux are the leading manufacturer of roof windows in Europe and we are able to supply and fit them at extremely competitive prices.


Quote advice:

  • Get at least 2 written quotes.
  • Know companies name, address, contact number.
  • Seek recommendations.
  • Don’t accept cold callers.
  • Don’t pay upfront or deposit. Reputable companies will accept you will pay in full on your satisfaction.



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